• Clouds by Linda Catlin Smith

    Clouds (2016) For Solo Vibraphone by Linda C. Smith

  • Rick’s Halloween Show 2020

    Presented at 8pm, October 31 at The Array Space, a Halloween Special featuring Rick Sacks aka Twitch.tv/Soundpilot
    Enjoy three settings of fun animation and looping music. Watch the premiere of the vibraphone solo Jackolantern and the premiere of The Interrogation, the third part of the Chase Trilogy.

  • Maxi Music by James Tenney

    James Tenney’s Maxi Music dedicated to Max Neuhaus starts with a long cymbal roll and explodes into a pointillistic improv.

  • World on a String

    This novel comes with the ability to YO-YO. Create your own timeline. Starting Reading by clicking the button at the end of the video above. Or click here.

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