• Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    in the studio I lined all the clicks up to start at beat 1 of measure 1 but this table gives you an idea of how I created Ten Planets. You don”t have to wait for all the files to load in. If you wish, you can download each click […]

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  • Ten Planets

    Ten Planets

    Here is an excerpt of the title track Ten Planets To hear how I put this together click here to listen to the individual, elliptical orbits of the planets as click tracks.

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  • C.V.

    Richard Sacks – Percussionist /Composer/Multimedia Artist 80 Stafford St. Toronto, Ontario M6J 2S1                                                                           […]

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  • 390 Word Theatre Bio

    Performing as a child actor in summer stock theatre, Rick Sacks then went to high school where he received the best thespian award. He eventually moved into the role of musician in summer stock and in 1976 received his Masters in Music. He has performed at Carnegie Recital, The NY […]

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  • Society of the Spectacle

    Society of the Spectacle

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  • The Three Fates

    The Three Fates

    Singers: Brooke Dufton, Ilana Zarankin, Stacie Dunlop. Marimba: Andy Morris Commissioned by Andy Morris and Zebra Schvunk (2007) No, No, No, No, No, No, No You can’t wait any more All right, all right, I didn’t think that. There is time. Do not be impatient. You can’t put it off. I […]

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  • Tightrope


    Tightrope for Percussionist

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  • Scenes from Toy Weather

    “In the year of Our Lord 1055, on Sunday the feast day of St. George, the people of Rosdalla, near Kilbeggan in the present county of Westmeath, saw standing high up in the air, a great steeple of fire, in the exact shape of a circular belfry, or what we […]

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  • 150 Word Bio

    Rick Sacks began freelancing in Manhattan performing with ensembles including The New Orchestra, Newband, The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble and The Composer’s Ensemble. After teaching at Bennington College for two years, Rick began traveling to Toronto to perform with the Canadian Opera Company, on film tracks, in modern dance works […]

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