• Fruit Loops

    Fruit Loops

    Ba na na man go go go go

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  • Golem


    Monsterpiece for the 4 octave MalletKat.
    Recorded at the Array Space in 2014.

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  • Le Bateau

    Le Bateau

    A music theatre performance solo. All Sounds are acoustic and created on the costume. I created this piece for an outdoor music series in the Music Garden on Toronto’s waterfront.

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  • Mbira Sketch

    Mbira Sketch

    An improvisation on the Malletkat.

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  • Alien Landing Party

    Alien Landing Party

    From Toy Weather

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  • Life in the Factory

    Life in the Factory

    I designed the belt and had it built in Toronto where the piece was premiered in a larger work called Toy Weather (Lorenz, chaos theory, butterfly effect etc) but

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  • Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    Ten Planets was created by improvising to a series of click tracks that modulated according to some really bad mathematical impressions of planetary orbit. Once one improvisation was done. ¬†I listened to that improv while playing back a different click […]

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  • Ten Planets

    Ten Planets

    Here is an excerpt of the title track Ten Planets¬†   Listen to excerpts of the CD (Glockespiel, by Barbara Monk Feldman is presented in its full version due to its brevity and as a special treat) Below are options […]

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