• The March

    The March

    I used to March in the band in high school.

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  • Maxi Music by James Tenney

    Maxi Music by James Tenney

    James Tenney’s Maxi Music dedicated to Max Neuhaus starts with a long cymbal roll and explodes into a pointillistic improv.

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  • Tap


    Special Guests Fred and Ginger accompany me in this selection from the Sample of Drums Suite.

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  • Enter the Drummer

    Enter the Drummer

    Rick takes on an entire rival gang in this epic of exoneration and freedom for the downtrodden.

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  • Fruit Loops

    Fruit Loops

    Ba na na man go go go go

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  • Tightrope (Quebec)

    Tightrope (Quebec)

    A death defying solo for percussion. Written and performed by Rick Sacks, this video was shot at Theatre La Chapelle in Montréal by Joachim Raginel and Paul Neudorf.

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  • Water Music

    Water Music

    The Victoria Symphony players, led by Tania Miller, were open minded and willing to engage with the theatrical aspects of the work.

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  • Le Bateau

    Le Bateau

    A music theatre performance solo. All Sounds are acoustic and created on the costume. I created this piece for an outdoor music series in the Music Garden on Toronto’s waterfront.

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