Le Bateau

I created this piece for an outdoor music series in the Music Garden on Toronto’s waterfront. Curated by Tamara Bernstein, the concert began with me entering behind the audience and descending the hill upon which they sat. This video, taken in Montreal by film makers Laura Saint-Pierre C and Joachim Raginel sees the addition of the kerosene lantern and a new bird call. It uses a tiny leather bellows that, when squeezed, emits a sweet ‘chirp’. I love my collection of bird calls. The Seagull call works really well for The Boat. All Sounds are acoustic and created on the costume.

Rick Sacks conducts the Array Ensemble and performs as a percussionist. Recent works include the music for the world premiere’s of Adventures of the Smoid, a puppet show written and directed by Mr. Sacks for the Evergreen Club Gamelan, the stage version of The Never Ending Story (Roseneath Theatre) at Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre and the Skirball Theatre NY. His sound design fir Theatre for Young Audiences has resulted in continuous performances throughout Europe and the US. Danny King of the Basement (Roseneath), Caribou Song,(Red Sky), Mistatim (Red Sky).

Rick’s music, in collaboration with three musicians from Mongolia received a DORA award for Red Sky’s Tono. His symphony, Water Music, commissioned by the Victoria Symphony, utilized remote controlled flying fish and a deep sea diver costume complete with bubbles.


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