Sketch#2 VR Drummer

Rick controls a virtual drummer with his hand controllers.

This is a sketch toward a full collection of works. Rick explores VR investigates and plays with the ironies (e.g. progress vs. marketing ideologies), theatrical possibilities and current state(s) of Virtual reality.


Rick Sacks began as a child actor in summerstock and eventually received his Masters in Music.  He performed at Carnegie Recital, NY Shakespeare Theatre and Alice Tully Hall as a percussionist and taught at Bennington College, Vermont, In 1980 Rick moved to Toronto to play in an Art Rock Band.

His work in theatre for young people has resulted in continuous performances throughout Europe and North America. He also performs worldwide (Vancouver and Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, Mongolia, Europe). His symphony for the Victoria Symphony utilized remote controlled flying fish and a deep-sea diver costume complete with bubbles. Rick’s music, in collaboration with three musicians from Mongolia received a DORA award for Red Sky’s Tono. From 2011 to 2016 he was Artistic Director of Arraymusic and continues to freelance as a percussionist, sound designer and composer. Especially relevant is to this post is Rick’s love of mixing theatrical and musical elements in performance.

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