Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

in the studio I lined all the clicks up to start at beat 1 of measure 1 but this table gives you an idea of how I created Ten Planets. You don”t have to wait for all the files to load in. If you wish, you can download each click and line them up in your own multitrack. I listened to only one click at a time and improvised to it. Then, on the same set of instruments, I listened to the improvisation that I just did and improvised again BUT this time, with the next click playing. Referencing both new improvs, I improvised again with the third click. I did this ten times (one improv for each click) while listening to the previously recorded layers. There were 11 mics on the circular setup so eventually I had 110 tracks to mix. Each click is derived from calculations involving orbit time, diameter, wobble and proximity of each planet. Each click changes 3 times (simulating a non-circular orbit).Experiment with the volumes and start and stop to hear rich polyrhythmic relationships.
Eris (2003 UB 313)  










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