• Archive of The MetaMOOphosis

    This is an archive of an online live performance on February 1997. The MOO created under the leadership of Juli Burke at the University of Hawaii and hosted by the Association of Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) It is a […]

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  • World on a String

    World on a String

    This novel comes with the ability to YO-YO. Create your own timeline. Starting Reading by clicking the button at the end of the video above. Or click here.

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  • World on a String part 1

    World on a String part 1

    Siegfried (Ziggy) Acetate planted another negative. This one appeared as he stared vacantly at the reflective surface of a mylar wall in the reception area of Planck Research & Development.

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  • World on a String part 2

    World on a String part 2

    there was a special report on Backlash – Predictable Catastrophes and Accomplishments through History. The two men became completely absorbed until Gordon O and his team showed up with two chunks of wall hosting a couple of Ziggys.

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