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  • World on a String part 8

    World on a String part 8

      7.8 Fred Keele had been waiting in a Jakarta hotel room for three days. The only communication he had gotten so far was from Linda C. at Net quarters in London. She had arranged a leave of absence for […]

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  • World on a String part 9

    World on a String part 9

    BOOK III World On a String 9.1 STAN the Man “Cryptogamous fungoid mushrooms!” Stan dragged Alban deeper among the old redwoods excitedly espousing the delights of the ancient forest. Alban knew Stan was overdoing it for his benefit. He had […]

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  • World on a String part 10

    World on a String part 10

      World On a String (book III cont.) 10.1 A,T,C and Gee He had the three of them, Sara, Jeremy and Sam, all in the air. It was amazing that he could toss them about and catch them without damaging […]

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  • Life in the Factory

    Life in the Factory

    I designed the belt and had it built in Toronto where the piece was premiered in a larger work called Toy Weather (Lorenz, chaos theory, butterfly effect etc) but

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  • Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    Ten Planets Orbit Clicks

    Ten Planets was created by improvising to a series of click tracks that modulated according to some really bad mathematical impressions of planetary orbit. Once one improvisation was done.  I listened to that improv while playing back a different click […]

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  • Ten Planets

    Ten Planets

    Here is an excerpt of the title track Ten Planets    Listen to excerpts of the CD (Glockespiel, by Barbara Monk Feldman is presented in its full version due to its brevity and as a special treat) Below are options […]

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  • Society of the Spectacle

    Society of the Spectacle

    This is an excerpt of “Society pf the Spectacle”. It is inspired by Guy Debord’s book with the same title.
    It’s part of a collection called the Phoenix Variations.

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  • The Three Fates

    The Three Fates

    Singers: Brooke Dufton, Ilana Zarankin, Stacie Dunlop. Marimba: Andy Morris Commissioned by Andy Morris and Zebra Schvunk (2007) No, No, No, No, No, No, No You can’t wait any more All right, all right, I didn’t think that. There is time. […]

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